Hotel Warszawa

The Prudential Building

One of the most important architectural monuments of the interwar period, it became an important symbol after World War II.
Towering majestically above the capital, it is visible from a distance of up to 20 km. Its modern steel and reinforced concrete construction was the answer to the strong and dynamic urbanisation of the Warsaw agglomeration and testament of the mastery of pre-war engineering. Today, it is one of the best hotels in Poland.

The Prudential building was designed by Marcin Weinfeld and first put to use in 1934. It was the tallest building in Poland and the second tallest building in Europe at the time. Initially it was supposed to have 11 floors but the creators decided that the construction should dominate the city’s landscape and therefore increased this to 16. The 66 meter tall building quickly captured the attention of the emerging TV industry. In 1936 the very first television transmitter in Poland was placed on the roof of the building and soon after, the first TV transmissions were broadcasted. During World War II, the Prudential building was one of the main targets of German artillery. On 28th August, 1944 it was hit with a 600 millimetre Karl-Gerät bullet. The building tilted slightly, yet the strong steel and concrete construction survived intact. Ever since, the Prudential building has become a symbol of the Warsaw Uprising. The first extensive renovation was conducted in the 50s. The skyscraper was adapted to the assumptions of socialist-realism by increasing the number of floors without changing its height. The building now has a new function as home to Hotel Warszawa.

New History

The newly opened 5* Hotel Warszawa, belonging to the Likus Hotels & Restaurants group, represents the co-existence of a world renowned monument and a luxurious, comfortable hotel. Opened in 2018, it contains 142 uniquely designed rooms and suites which echo the building’s history while remaining uniquely contemporary. Some rooms feature original concrete ceilings sitting in harmony with the dominating marble, steel, glass and copper. Marble hand picked from sources around the world along with bright chromes and warm wood finishes. These come together to create a sense of elegant luxury in all of our individually designed bathrooms. Decadent bath linens and Acqua di Parma cosmetics offer a complete relaxation experience.


Hotel posiada 2 restauracje. W znajdującej się na poziomie -1, Restauracji Warszawskiej można podziwiać fundamenty konstrukcyjne, do których dokopano się podczas prac renowacyjnych. Z kolei znajdująca się na 6 piętrze Szóstka wraz ze swoim tarasem pozwala, podobne jak przed wojną, podziwiać panoramę Warszawy.


On the ground floor, flexible conference rooms accommodating up to 200 delegates are situated right next to the spacious lobby, covered by a glass roof.

A SPA & recreational area can be found on the lower ground floor featuring treatment rooms, fitness centre and a pool.



tel: 22 470 03 00


tel: +48 22 470 03 82


tel: +48 22 470 03 62

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