Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel, located at 72 Piotrkowska Street, is the most famous hotel in Łódź with the longest history, which has been operating continuously since 1888. From the very beginning of its operation, the Grand Hotel has been synonymous with prestige and elegance. For many years, it unquestionably led the primacy in the city, permanently co-creating its history.


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For hotel guests we offer:
Five-star Hotel Grand
Five-star Hotel Grand
  152 individually designed rooms and suites
  Unique event spaces
  Wellness & Spa with pool
  2 restaurants
  Grand Cafe
  Cigar room
Five-star Hotel Grand
Five-star Hotel Grand
Located on level 0, the Malinowa Restaurant is the famous two elegant halls of the Grand Hotel. The first Malinowa hall, a richly decorated ballroom with a balcony for about 150 people. Next to it, there is an intimate Złoty hall for about 50 people.
Five-star Hotel Grand
Excellent location, original interiors, the latest technologies and two elegant restaurants will make every meeting unique: Theatre with a balcony: 314m2, Hall at the Theatre: 94m2, Malinowa hall: 365m2, Złoty hall: 82m2, Grand Cafe: 198m2.