Katowice, Dworcowa 5

The building was formed in 1903 on the basis of the tenement houses located at the junction of Dworcowa and Dyrekcyjna Streets. Guests were delighted by its luxury, modern furnishings and architectural taste, and the place quickly became one of the most popular hotels in Silesia. Monopol Hotel gained prestige and high esteem, soon proven by the presence of eminent and wealthy guests visiting Katowice. In the early 1920s the Monopol welcomed the young capitain Charles de Gaulle. True splendour was brought to the Hotel with the wedding of the world famous tenor singer Jan Kiepura with the Hungarian-born soprano singer Marta Eggerth in October 1936. Other notable visitors though the years included Karol Szymanowski (one of the superior rooms is named after this great Polish composer), the piano virtuoso Arthur Rubinstein and the writer Tadeusz Boy-Żeleński, among many others. After World War II, the hotel gradually lost its glamour, and was finally closed over twenty years ago, toward the end of 1980s.

A great new period in the history of the hotel began with the advent of the new millennium. At the beginning of the 21st century, the hotel changed hands and became part of Likus Hotels and Restaurants who gather buildings and properties of great historical and cultural value. The new owners, well-known Polish businessmen, have been investing in the renovation of old, sometimes deserted buildings that once shone with such brilliance that their fame reached far beyond the Polish borders, for years. Each of their hotels is distinguished by extraordinary attention to historical details. The owners of Likus Hotels & Restaurants group aim to bring these places a former splendour, yet assuring a modern touch at the same time. This was also the case of Monopol Hotel in Katowice. Long-lasting and tedious renovation process and architectural works enabled to restore hotel’s glamour of the interwar period.

The new and beautiful Monopol Hotel in Katowice welcomed its guests again in September 2003. Today, over 100 years after the opening and over 10 years after the re-opening, the visitors are still charmed with its luxury and style.

Monopol Hotel is the only 5-star hotel in Katowice. Monopol is the best hotel in Silesia. It is one of the most prestigious hotels in Poland.


Hotel Monopol Katowice offers a wide range of conference packages .

Monopoly is able to provide the ideal setting for a business seminar , lunch or dinner with an important client , making them unique because of its atmosphere and discreet and efficient service professional staff .

Hotel Monopol in Katowice offers three fully equipped conference rooms.

Dining facilities at the hotel’s two restaurants can ensure that participants of the conference coffee breaks and meals. In adjacent rooms can be arranged Cristallo Restaurant elegant banquet .

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MONOPOL Hotel is the perfect place for weddings.

Each ceremony is treated individually and our professional staff pays attention to every detail.

Each menu begins with a glass of sparkling wine or champagne; it is followed by an exquisite four-course dinner, hot, cold and dessert buffet.

The pastry chef will prepare a special, delicious cake for the occasion. The whole event will be accompanied by wines, especially chosen form our wine cellar.


Perpetuating the tradition of this historic place



Dworcowa 5, Katowice
+48 32 782 82 82

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